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Integrity Monitoring

Ruzow & Associates professionals have significant experience providing integrity monitoring services including, but not limited to: forensic accounting, internal investigations, compliance programs/standards of conduct reviews and reporting to government agencies. We utilize our extensive resources and industry knowledge to employ minimally disruptive and cost effective practices for our clients.

Companies hire monitors for a variety of reasons. A company may be under investigation by a prosecutor’s office or other regulatory agency, it may be facing possible indictment, or it may decide to undergo self-examination to ensure that its own subcontractors and/or employees are performing their responsibilities in a lawful, compliant manner.

Whatever the reason you are considering a monitor, Ruzow & Associates has the experience and expertise to help your company with all of its monitoring needs. Our team of former prosecutors, forensic accountants and investigators know what is required of an integrity monitor: a thorough, unbiased review of company practices with an eye toward identifying any illegal, unethical, or non-compliant behavior and the creation of corporate policy and standards of conduct that will deter future problems.

In this era of heightened scrutiny, Ruzow & Associates helps its clients avoid violations of law and compliance failures that could threaten the future of the company.

Corporate Compliance Policies

Effective compliance policies play a critical role in preventing violations of laws that, at a minimum, could negatively impact a corporation’s reputation, its business relationships and financial status.

Our highly trained professionals will create a custom compliance program specifically suited to your company’s needs and specialty. We are also available to analyze existing compliance policies, identify gaps and amend deficiencies. Our goal is to ensure the effectiveness of your organization’s compliance policy.

MWDBE Compliance Audits

The stakes are high for contractors that do not abide by MWDBE rules. In addition to facing state and federal investigations and prosecutions for violating MWDBE rules, contractors who violate the rules can see bids challenged and lost and be forced to defend costly whistleblower lawsuits.

You can help protect your firm from these avoidable problems by having an MWDBE Compliance Audit performed. Ruzow & Associates’ professionals assist firms in identifying potential MWDBE Program compliance issues and implementing changes to their standard operating procedures so that they can avoid criminal investigations and expensive lawsuits. The MWDBE rules are complex and a MWDBE Compliance Audit is one way your firm can help avoid being the target of a government investigation.

Hiring Ruzow & Associates to perform a compliance audit and/or create a custom compliance policy for your organization will bring accountability, transparency and, most importantly, integrity to your business.

Internal Investigations

Often criminal liability can attach to a company whenever an employee of that company commits an illegal act within the apparent scope of his or her employment, even if the employee acted directly contrary to company policy and instructions.

The creation of false business records, the offering of false instruments for filing with government agencies, the theft of money and the payment and receipt of bribes are all common forms of illegal activity that occur in the construction industry.

Ruzow & Associates conducts internal investigations at the request of its clients when concerns arise with regard to allegations of suspicious, corrupt or fraudulent conduct by employees.

Ruzow & Associates’ investigative professionals, all with experience in federal, state and local law enforcement—as prosecutors, auditors and agents – are well prepared to assist our clients in determining whether there has been any impropriety by their employees. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop an investigative plan that is appropriate to the specific situation.


Ruzow & Associates provides experienced personnel, comprised of former law enforcement agents, to train your employees how to operate in a manner that complies with federal, state and local laws. Training and education ensures that all employees recognize that it is their duty and responsibility to comply with corporate policies and to perform their jobs accordingly.

Ruzow & Associates works closely with employers to tailor employee training to the needs of the employer. No matter the size of the company, every employee should receive training, from the CEO down to the line-level staff member.  Training also should be conducted regularly and should be updated to address new areas of concern.

Private Sector Monitoring

Ruzow & Associates works with your project team to ensure compliance with of all aspects of MWDBE, Affirmative Action, and EEO requirements. We assist in ensuring that adequate controls are in place to minimize the opportunities for fraud and abuse.

We create a project specific program for monitoring, managing, and reporting.

Our uniquely experienced team, all with significant law enforcement backgrounds, perform site visits, investigate allegations of fraud and audit reports to ensure your companies compliance on government contracts.

Prevailing Wage Audits

The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts were enacted to ensure that contractors and subcontractors hired to work on projects receiving government funds, would pay their laborers the prevailing wages and fringe benefits as determined by the Department of Labor. Developers, general contractors and sub-contractors are increasingly finding themselves exposed to prosecution, disbarment, exorbitant fines, penalties and back wages due to a lack of compliance with these laws.

Ruzow & Associates’ professions have the expertise and knowledge required to provide best-in-class services to clients with projects subject to Davis-Bacon rules. Our forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners and investigators have a collective thirty plus years of experience performing certified payrolls audits, time sheet audits, work site audits, and conducting employee interviews.

In addition, Ruzow & Associates puts the mechanisms and processes in place for their clients to have the appropriate level of corporate governance with regards to prevailing wage compliance. Ruzow & Associates creates corporate wage compliance policies and procedures, reviews existing compliance policies and procedures, and leads employee training sessions at all levels.

Ruzow & Associates’ goal is to help their clients conduct business in a compliant manner and minimize the risks associated with offenses, should they occur.

ICAP Compliance Support

Firms that are awarded contracts under the Industrial Commercial Abatement Program (“ICAP”) benefit from abatements for property development if they are compliant with all of the program requirements. Ruzow & Associates professionals can help your team navigate ICAP’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and trainee requirements.

Keys to successful compliance with the ICAP benefit program are performing the required M/WBE solicitation, monitoring subcontracting, diverse workforce utilization and M/WBE participation throughout your project. Ruzow & Associates will work with your team to create a project specific plan and highlight project milestones to ensure you don’t miss important deadlines.

Numerous ICAP thresholds must be met throughout each eligible project, including M/WBE and EEO requirements. M/WBE and workforce utilization reports must be generated and submitted, and your firm may also have to provide regular reports. Your firm must describe its M/WBE and EEO policies as part of the ICAP application process. Our experienced staff will work with you to create M/WBE and EEO policies as well as train your staff on appropriate procedures to comply with those policies.

Sexual Harassment Training

California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island all require private sector employers to provide their employees sexual harassment training and many other states recommend it. Some state courts have considered whether the employer implemented a sexual harassment workplace policy and offered training to employees when determining if the employer should be insulated from liability in discrimination claims.

The best way to eliminate sexual harassment incidents and claims in your office is to prevent them from happening. Our professionals can create a sexual harassment policy for your company that incorporates local requirements and is customized for your industry and workplace. Our skilled trainers will help you affirmatively raise the subject with all personnel, explain the sanctions for harassment and inform them of their right to raise and how to raise the issue of harassment under the law.

Sexual harassment trainings should be conducted upon hiring and are required annually.

Sexual Harassment Investigations

Ruzow & Associates’ experienced investigators can fairly and impartially collect all pertinent evidence including, but not limited to, conducting interviews of all parties as well as potential witnesses. Our professionals are discreet. Our investigators and auditors will review physical documents and relevant electronic material such as emails, texts, social media posts, phone logs and website reviews. Our professionals will conduct investigations in accordance with your Company’s policy. While many Company’s believe they can perform these tasks internally, having an independent party conduct the investigation allows for transparency as well as a message of impartiality.

Title IX Investigations

All federally funded colleges and universities must comply with Title IX. Ruzow & Associates can support colleges and universities in their compliance with the Title IX Final Rules that mandate that all Title IX recipients follow a specific procedure for investigating formal complaints of sexual harassment covered under Title IX, including sexual violence.
Ruzow & Associates’ experienced investigators can fairly and impartially collect all pertinent evidence including, but not limited to, conducting interviews of the complainant, respondent and witnesses. Our professionals can conduct discreet reviews of physical documents and electronic material such as emails, texts, social media posts, phone logs and website reviews. Our professionals will conduct investigations in accordance with your institution’s policy and make suggestions for improvement, where necessary. While many institutions perform some of these tasks internally, Ruzow & Associates provides independent skilled investigators who can provide timely and detailed investigative reports that comply with the current Title IX rules.

PPP Loan Fraud Investigations

PPP loan fraud is when an individual or business submits false information in an application or certification for a loan under the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The PPP was created to help companies stay in business during the coronavirus pandemic by providing forgivable loans to cover payroll and operating expenses. Businesses can apply for PPP loans through commercial banks but must meet several criteria for eligibility. Even after a business obtains a PPP loan, it must abide by strict requirements and limits on how businesses can spend the funds.

PPP loan fraud investigations are on the rise across the country. Prosecutors and criminal investigators from various state and federal agencies are actively looking for possible PPP loan fraud, EIDL loan fraud, and other CARES Act violations in an attempt to recover money that may have been fraudulently obtained from COVID-19 relief programs.

The focus of a PPP loan fraud investigation is to determine whether charges should be brought against someone for violating one or more of the strict requirements of the PPP loan program. Generally, federal prosecutors have been targeting businesses and individuals who may have violated the PPP loan program by:

•Making a false statement on the PPP loan application.
•Applying for PPP loans from multiple lenders (“loan stacking”).
•Using PPP loan money for an improper or unapproved purpose.
•Submitting a false certification for PPP loan forgiveness.
•Not being truthful to agents during a PPP loan audit or investigation.

A person charged with PPP loan fraud may face serious criminal and civil penalties. We can help resolve PPP fraud investigations. Call us.

Construction Safety Compliance Monitoring

We provide the onsite project safety expertise your company needs. Our project safety professionals assess, implement and manage site-specific safety requirements set forth by government agencies, project owners and construction contracts.

•Administer Project’s Safety Program.
•Monitor the compliance with mandatory safety and health laws, standards and codes.
•Develop and initiate specific safety and health procedures in conjunction with project controls.
•Review, support the develop project specific safety plans.
•Develop a project specific safety orientation and perform training.
•Perform and document daily field observations.
•Conduct a daily, documented field review of activity safety planning.
•Support the Construction Management Team.

•Safety monitoring and audits.
•Conduct employee safety training and orientation.
•Attend project coordination meetings.
•Develop site specific safety plans and task hazard assessments.
•Complete daily safety tasks and responsibilities.
•Maintain project safety records and stats.
•Implement accident management systems.
•OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) assistance.
•CCIP (Contractor Controlled Insurance Program) assist.